What Did I Just Read?!

To find new books, I tend to listen to the All The Books podcast by BookRiot. My dog Raina and I listen on our nearly daily walks as they share new book releases and books from back-lists that they enjoyed.


This book, Behind Her Eyes, caught my attention during one of the podcasts, and I added it to my wishlist at the public library. Noticing that it was wait-listed, I added my name. “Oooh,” I thought. “Lot’s of people want this book, so it must be as good as Liberty said it was!”

Um, yeah.

So, there are comparisons of this book to Gone Girl…I guess so…only in the psychological sense. It also reminded me a little of The Girl on the Train– perhaps because it is set in the UK, or that the main character, Louise, is a lovelorn, wounded ex-wife on the fringes of someone else’s relationship as Emma was. What drew me to this book was Liberty’s admission that despite being great at figuring out mysteries before the reveal, this one she did not see coming, and that in no way would anyone else be able to figure it out.

Challenge accepted.

So the premise is of Louise, recently divorced and a single mom, who meets a charming married man at a bar one night. Nothing too untoward happens, and they go their separate ways. Only to meet back up again at Louise’s work in a psychiatry office. Where he is her new boss (dun-dun-DUN). Add to this a friendship blossoming between Louise and Adele, his wife, which Adele wishes to keep a secret. Louise starts to question the relationship between Adele and her husband while also trying to maintain her work relationship with him. It becomes clear that Adele is not what she seems, and that her husband is treating her as a patient with medications, scheduled phone calls and locking her in the house. Louise decides to come to the rescue- but does Adele need help?

Louise also has her own emotional and psychological issues, mostly stemming from night terrors she’s had since becoming a mother. A little booze on top of that doesn’t help. Adele offers her a book that helped her through her own night terrors, and through notes in the book margins, Louise finds out even more about Adele, fueling her need to come to Adele’s rescue.

Liberty was correct. I did NOT see that ending coming. I loved it. I know some reviewers blew it off as just an easy out in the last few chapters, but Sarah Pinborough leads you to that ending throughout the book- you just don’t realize it until the end. I think some reviewers are just resentful that they didn’t see it coming or felt tricked. I personally loved it because it was like the feeling you get when hear some salacious gossip and you aren’t sure if you should laugh or feel bad. A total mind-blowing read.

Do it.


Here I am!

I finally took a few moments away from reading to publish my first post on this new blog.

I hope you all enjoy it.

My plan?

  • To share the books I read and my reviews of them (in a step towards beginning my new literary/library career.)
  • To share the wine I drink and my reviews of them.
  • To share the cheese I eat and my reviews of them.
  • To share the places we travel to and my review of them and the places in between.
  • And of course, to post pictures of my pets 🙂
  • Any combination of the above.

I am a credentialed veterinary technician specialist in emergency and critical care that gave up on that profession after 20+ years of being mentally, verbally, physically and emotionally abused by coworkers, employers and clients.  Yep, y’all made me run for the hills and follow my other dreams. On one hand, it sucks because I was GREAT at my job. On the other, I still have time for a second career, so thanks!

I am a breast cancer fighter. I am only one year into my battle (I refuse to call this a journey- my journeys are FUN-this is NOT) with several years to go.

I am a devoted wife whose goal is to make my husband smile and laugh, the best sound in the world. We have 4 cats and one dog.

I am a world traveler who has only been to a few countries, but whose bucket list and travel journal is long and open wide. I have a case of wanderlust.

I am a lover of wine, of spending time at local vineyards and wineries, supporting local business and my own relaxation. Sometimes doing this involves perching in my backyard with a bottle and no where to go.

I am a lover of fromage, in all forms and flavors. My secret is that I’d love to be an affineur, but until then, I’ll share my faves here with y’all.

And finally, I am a mad bibliophile, with piles and piles of books to read. With more on the way each day (shhhh! don’t tell my husband!). I can’t help it. The smell of an old book, the feel of the paper, the places my mind goes………

I can’t wait to share it all with you!