So You Want to Look Like a Grown Up?

For over the past 2 years I have been using the personal shopper/clothing service Stitch Fix.  I chose to start this service when I realized that I am a grown ass woman who still just wears $4 t-shirts from Old Navy and the same 4 pairs of shorts and blue jeans.  I did have some reservations about starting the service, but was quickly hooked. Here are all my reasons:

  1. CLOTHES. But, seriously, clothes. We all need them, why not buy nice ones? I was of the mindset that-ah, who cares if clothes are cheap, you get tired of wearing them after 6 times anyway and then you throw those out and buy new ones. How. Wasteful. And if you really want to get political about it, THIS. These are quality clothes, and a year later, I still wear pieces I received in my first box.
  2. SOMEONE ELSE DOES ALL THE WORK! A personal stylist looks over your style profile and your Pinterest page, and chooses items that they think you may like. These are typically items you would look past if shopping for yourself. You can also leave a note for them in case you need something specific….and by specific, I mean- dress for an upcoming wedding, white blouse to go with a certain skirt you have, or a distressed pair of jeans- NOT “I want THIS specific blouse that I was too lazy/cheap/needy to find online myself”. While they sometimes can get a specific item you absolutely love, don’t count on it. Their job is to find YOU items, not for YOU to find items for them to send you. If you want a personal shopper to literally buy the items you want, go to Nordy’s. Which means time off work or away from family, in the car, to the mall, and….ugh. Nothankyou.
  3. GET IT WHEN YOU WANT IT. Seriously! I know there are lots of “box services” out there, but a lot will lock you in to a program of charging your credit card every month when maybe you don’t want lipstick/clothes/books/sweats this month. With Stitch Fix, YOU tell THEM when you want a box. Are you cool with a monthly box? There’s a button for that. Want one every 3 weeks? Button for that too! Want to decide when and on what date you want a box…maybe 1 a year, maybe 14,? Birthday? Friend’s wedding? Anniversary date? You can schedule them yourself. They don’t charge your card unless you schedule a Fix.
  4. IT’S LIKE A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. The FedEx guy comes, your dog goes nuts, you run into the bedroom screaming with excitement (still, after 2 years). You open up the pretty box to a beautiful tissue wrapped package of clothes. A note is included, directly from your stylist. S/he tells you what she sent, why and what to wear it with.
  5. IT’S IDIOT PROOF. Seriously. They even give you style cards that show each item they sent styled in 2 different ways-dress it up or dress it down. Don’t like some or any of the items? Go online within 3 days and tell them (otherwise they assume you are keeping it all). Then shove it all back in the prepaid USPS bag. Drop it off at the post office or hand it to the mailman. No pesky trips to Kinko’s or the UPS Store.
  6. IT’S NOT REALLY THAT EXPENSIVE. Just like I was initially, everyone is afraid of the cost. But what’s there to be afraid of if you can return it all for free??? They do charge you a $20 styling fee on the day they create your box of goodies. When you get the 5 items, you try them on, keep what you want. If you keep anything, you get the $20 back as a credit. If you keep nothing, you lose the $20, which is payment for the time the stylist took to look into your profile and put your box together. If you keep all 5 items, you get an additional 25% off AND the $20 credit! It’s like buy 4 get 1 free. If you only like 4 of the items, it is generally cheaper to keep all 5 and try to sell that unwanted item- there are several Facebook pages just for that. After a year, my boxes hover between $200 and $300 (for 5 items)…but I tend to get a lot of dresses (theirs are TO. DIE. FOR) which are a little pricier. I tend to also keep most of my boxes in full- I have rarely sent items back.
  7. IT’S NOT JUST CLOTHES. For dummies like me who don’t know how to put an outfit together, they also can send bags, purses, jewelry, jackets, scarves and now SHOES. So they can literally create a whole outfit for you in a box! 
  8. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXACTLY THAT. SERVICE. Like those pants but not in People-of-Walmart-skin-tone-pink? Ask for an exchange. Need a bigger blouse because the ta-tas need some breathing room? See if they have one. They are very quick to respond to requests and are always very happy and excited to help. I once exchanged a pair of jeans for a new color. When they asked what color I wanted instead, I told them to surprise me. I could hear the squeal through the email.
  9. THEY GIVE 2 SHITS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. When I put my boxes on hold last year because of my diagnosis, I got a $50 credit and a hand written personal note. This week, I got THIS:

Stitch fix thank you.jpg

Given that I had named my cancer Felicia, this was extremely personal (as you can tell in the note). I have NO idea how my stylist Tina (seriously, she’s the bestest ever) found out about this, because I only posted that stuff on my Facebook page and they don’t look at FB pages. But someone found out. And they took the time to curate a small box of beautiful personal items just for me.  How can you NOT love a service that cares about its customers like this? I have seen other examples of things similar to this (flowers for deaths in the family, graduation presents, etc). In this age of everyone in it for the buck, they are in it for the experience they can provide their customers.

So check Stitch Fix out. Let me now what you think!

PS. If you are a big selfie-taker, it is also fun to take photos of the items you get as you try them on and send a big group text to your mom/sisters/girlfriends. They can help you pick out items and it gets them on the SF train too! 🙂 Plus it’s like getting another box when you see what someone else got!