The H.G. Wells Prophecy

I’m not a fan of H.G. Wells, mostly because his stuff scares the crap out of me. War of the Worlds is a movie I can’t NOT watch, but gives me nightmares every time I watch it. I dare not read it.

So I thought I’d try this one- seemed a little tamer.
Still terrifying.


He travels to the year 802701 and meets some beautiful waif-like creatures called Eloi who seem fairly blissfully unaware of most dangers. Their days are spent mostly in repose. One, Weena, nearly drowns and the time traveler is the only one who rushes to save her. So begins a platonic, non-romantic relationship. In arriving in this year, his time machine is lost, so he must find it to get home. In doing so, he comes upon the Morlocks, whom are quite the opposite of the Eloi. The Time Traveler is his retelling of this trip to his friends and colleagues, most are are disbelieving in his tale.

Knowing that this book was written by Wells in 1895 just blows my mind. He touches on topics of class, race, global warming, and environmentalism- in a time when these topics didn’t exist or were taboo or ignored. Quite prophetic. Here are a few examples:

“There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change.”

“He, I know- for the question had been discussed among us long before the Time Machine was made- thought but cheerlessly of the Advancement of Mankind, and aw in the growing pile of civilization only a foolish heaping that must inevitably fall back upon and destroy its makers in the end.”

PS, for some context, this review is being written the day before Election Day, 2016- Trump vs. Clinton.