Just How Happy Are You?

How lucky am I that this new release- that is all over the book galley sites- was available at a public library sale?!

Picked up this little beauty and read it on the plane ride home.

The Invoice

The book begs the questions, how much would you pay for happiness? Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? Does money buy happiness? Is a life of material things worse than a life with little to nothing?

The story involves a fairly boring, benign young man who lives in a small flat in Sweden and works part time at a video rental store. He lives on pizza and ice cream and movies. He lost his parents years ago, has a fairly absent sister and only one really good friend (and it remains to be seen how “good” a friend he really is). His one true love years ago was not meant to be, and this has affected him.

He opens the mail one day and receives an invoice for a very large sum of money…so large he figures it to be an error, and thus ignores it until he hears others talking about their strange invoices. He contacts the company on the invoice and learns just what the bill is for (which is beyond creative- good job Mr. Karlsson!).

And so begins the story of learning to appreciate all the lessons we are given in life. That not everything negative that happens to us is a bad thing or the end of the world or karma. Not every good thing that happens to us is luck or meant to be or God’s will or kismet. The tiniest hint of a burgeoning love story makes this short novel even more endearing.

Very quick read on a plane or beach, and a small copy, so easy to tote around in that cute purse of yours.