Feminist Nerds Unite!

Hey schoolteachers! Want a book to introduce your students to female scientists? This is the one!

Easy to read, even for those not familiar with science-y language. This book highlights just a few of the amazing women who have worked in STEM fields since there were STEM fields.

Women in Science
Full of stories of women not allowed to attend college, or meetings with their male counterparts, forced to flee Nazi Germany and leave their research, pushed to work in basements, sheds and janitor closets but who preserved anyway. Watch for the researchers who died because of what they were studying. Also watch for the women whose work was stolen by men, and for the man who won a Nobel prize for the work he did with his wife, who then failed to thank or recognize her during his speech (spoiler alert: the marriage didn’t last!).

A few names are recognizable..Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, May-Britt Moser…but most were new to me. Have your laptop ready to go for additional Googling of these amazing women.

A separate section of the book includes more women listed as honorable mentions.
Beautiful artwork accompanies each 2 page bio, which is surrounded by extra juicy factoids. The artwork is whimsical, and makes the book timeless. No photos of out of date hairstyles or clothing to see here.

There are additional sections on what STEM is and what its subjects are. There is also a glossary, a section on the types of equipment these women use in their research (think pipettes, burettes, etc.) and a list of websites to check out for more information.

So many new women here that I was introduced to, and so glad to know of them…many who were never appropriately recognized for their work.

Thanks Blogging for Books for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.